von Sophokles

"No, we were not a harmonious family. My whole family.

A bunch of madmen. Father pricked his own eyes. Mother hung himself up in a knot. And my brethren pierced each other's heart for this shameful throne. All I loved just a little. Everyone with whom I felt even a little connected.

Were killed because they had to act. Or killed themselves because they could not leave it. Everything for the ideals.

Or justice. A strange word: justice. "

Direction - Sabine Auf der Heyde

Directionassistance - Noémie Fiala

Stagedesign + costumes - Jimena Cugat

Dramaturgy - Katharina Germo

Music - Kilian Deissler

Antigone - Tatjana Sebben

Ismene - Sophie Arbeiter

Kreon - Eugénie Anselin

Haimon - Tim Czerwonatis

Wächter - Matthias Kurmann

Choir 1 - Miriam Morgenstern

Choir 2 - Nolundi Tschudi