Kilian Deissler

Composer - musician - Multiinstrumentalist

Kilian Deissler

Composer - Musician - Multiinstrumentalist


About me

Kilian Deissler was born in Embrach 1989, grew up in Unterlanghard in the Tösstal and went to secondary school in Winterthur.

He began to compose at a young age and had already created a considerable work before his studies (a "rock ballet", theater soundtrack  and an arrangement of Mozarts whole "magic flute" etc.). In 2008, he left secondary school, visited the "Vorstudium" in Winterthur (composition - Heinz Höppli, Burkhard Kinzler, classical singing - David Thorner) and studied composition at the ZHdK in the Bachelor composition (Kaspar Ewald) and classical singing (Thorner) and musictheory (Ewald, Mathias Steinauer, Lars Heusser). During his studies, Deissler also was educated in conducting, which has now helped him to one of his stands.

Today, Deissler works as a freelancering composer, teaches composition and music theory, performs in various ensembles, conducts two choires

(Corale pro ticino Winterthur, MCWS) and his ensemble "9-Point-inc."

For works alongside and behind the stage, he and Raffael Hafner founded a small company for stage construction and general problem solving in this area.

Characteristic for Deisslers com-

positions is surely his complex and distinctive rhythmic language. These range from funky to polyrhythmic and -temporal, to pieces in different tempi, which can be played simultaneously to create a superimposed piece (fusion fusion for two ensembles and digital conductors in 95 and 96 bpm).

Deisslers harmony is primarily concerned with the desired expression of a work, most of all in extended or free tonality.

With his music, Kilian Deissler wants to offer a wide audience an enjoyable experience in spite of all complexity on a rhythmic and tonal level. His music always gives the listener something he can hold on while he is fast-paced through the composition. Whether it be a concise rhythm, a tonal center, or a moving motif.



Six musicians, a composer, a craftsman, and a multible tapdance world champion;


The common goal: The fusion of music and dance.


The team around Kilian Deissler developed a new tapdance notation and even a unice new tapdance instrument consisting of nine different soundboards, the "squares".

Thus, the dancer now has a more diverse sound palette available, what gives him the same musical value as the rest of the ensemble.


The debut of the ensemble, "kick the square", composed by Deissler up to the last "tap", inspires not only the music and dance scene at home and abroad, but can also pick up and take away every inclined listener.

Near the end of the show, even if the musicians equip their tap shoes!

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"Kampf um den Teufelsstein"

Besides independent instrumental works, stage music is an essential part of Deissler's work.

This extends from classical works 

(the opera "Treibhäuser", Antigone) to film music (Moby) to the discofunk musical "Kampf um den Teufelsstein".


Deissler's involvement in such productions is rarely limited to the composition ...

Whether in building stage and props, writing the libretto or playing exotic instruments of any kind;

Deissler jumps everywhere where someone is needed to bring the product to a successful conclusion. Selection from Deissler's stage works:

Theater and Stagemusic


In addition to the vocal education, Kilian Deissler over the years learned

to play a wide range of instruments

(oboe, saxophone, guitar, contrabass, bass, mandolin, etc.) and is now active as a multi-instrumentalist in various formations.



Current projects:



double bass/vocals/musical direction

"The United Swingdom"

jazz from the golden 20s and 30s

spiced up with close harmony compositions and tapdance

double bass

"Die schöne Müllerin"

Adaption for two soprano, tenor,

guitar and double bass