Der Kampf um den Teufelsstein
A superhero-musical

1981; the small village Zell in Tösstal.

The citizens live a peaceful life in prosperity. Everyone knows everyone. Or not? When young Johnny is found in the the near forest at the Devil's Church, unconscious, with serious injuries, the peace in the community is disturbed.

What is the secret of the Devil's Church? What dark forces are at work? Where are they to be found?


When a never-ending winter breaks over the Tösstal, the citizens have to gather all their strength to get the summer back again. The community members notice that behind the unassuming neighbor, the friendly vendor, or the village doctor is more than you can see at first glance, and together with the audience they experience a reunion with Batman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman etc.

However, the superheroes have come into the years, and maybe have kept their incognito, as a houswife, a hairdresser or postman a little to long...


To defeat the evil villian Mister Freeze, who froze the

Tösstal, entrenched in his base in Winterthur,

the heroes have to raise again.

Together with Thor Odinsson  - a sauna

technician from sweden - they will bravely

face the enemy!

Book and direction - Charlotte Joss

Music - Kilian Deissler

Costumes - Esther de la Fuente

sound and light - Stefan Hächler